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  • Exhibition in jakarta, Indonesia
  • On: 2018/04/25 0:00 To: 2018/04/29 0:00
  • 0 Registrations
The 20th Jakarta International Handicraft Trade Fair (INACRAFT 2018) The long history of INACRAFT’s journey is unexpectedly entering its 20th year. The period of maturity increasingly shows the existence of handicraft in ...

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PT Mediatama Binakreasi

Elton John concert in Liverpool Echo Arena

  • Concert in Liverpool, United Kingdom
  • On: 2016/09/30 21:00
This is a test listing with no seats map and no seats selection - the users can select a ticket from the different group and purchase it.Sir Elton John is ...

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New Test Company

Seminar on Asia Marketing - emerging trends and perspectives

  • Seminar in Delhi, India
  • On: 2017/08/13 20:00 To: 2017/08/15 20:00
  • 6 Registrations
Whether a luxury brand or a mid-market brand, each touch point of the guest experience is expected to offer some level of personalization. From check-in, room selection, choice of bedding, ...

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Another Test Company

O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference

  • Conference in New York, United States
  • On: 2016/10/26 8:00 To: 2016/10/27 14:00
The long-term success and evolution of many companies balances on the effectiveness and versatility of their software architecture and the teams that design, implement, and deploy it. To continue to ...

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O'Reilly Media

Test listing with no pictures, no registrations and no tickets

  • Seminar in Paris, France
  • On: 2016/12/01 9:00 To: 2016/12/01 11:00
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ...

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New Test Company

Coldplay in Manchester, Reserved Seating

  • Concert in Manchester, United Kingdom
  • On: 2016/09/01 20:00
Attend this amazing concert of Coldplay - reserve your seat and buy your tickets now! Coldplay are a British rock band formed in 1996 by lead vocalist Chris Martin and lead ...

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New Test Company

O'Reilly Design Conference in San Francisco

  • Conference in California, United States
  • On: 2016/10/17 10:00 To: 2016/10/21 11:00
  • 2 Registrations
Not your typical design conferenceJoin us at an uncommon gathering for those who understand—and want to learn more about—the force design exerts in shaping a better world. Enhance your skills ...

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O'Reilly Media

Adobe Digital Marketing Summit EMEA

  • Conference in City of London, United Kingdom
  • On: 2016/09/13 9:00 To: 2016/09/14 18:00
  • 1 Registrations
Deep insights. Focused learning. Endless networking. Join Europe’s largest digital marketing conference and learn how you can combine creativity, content and data to create compelling experiences for your customers. Summit offers ...

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Adobe Systems